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Cell Symposia: A circular economy for the chemical sector
in partnership with UKRI Interdisciplinary Centre for Circular Chemical Economy
July 22–24, 2024 | Cardiff, Wales, UK

The chemical sector and its myriad products have helped to shape the modern world and continue to transform the way we live our lives.

As the world looks to overcome mounting socio-environmental crises and safeguard a sustainable future, many are looking to the chemical sector to contribute innovative and transformative solutions while also improving process efficiency and product selectivity.

This Cell Symposia will bring together a diverse range of stakeholders from across the science, engineering, business, and policy sectors with a view to facilitate cross-disciplinary dialogue and identify key actions to take now as well as the future research and development priorities necessary to achieve the transformation of the chemical sector for an innovative, circular, and sustainable future.

This Cell Symposia provides a fantastic opportunity to gather leaders from the research, private, and public sectors to discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with a chemical transformation and a future where our economic and livelihood dependence on chemicals does not come at a much greater cost.

Topics include

  • New chemical approaches for circularity
    Novel chemistry routes (e.g., bio-based/renewable feedstock, sustainable catalysis) for a circular and sustainable chemical sector

  • Sustainable and circular design for functional chemicals and materials
    Discussing barriers and potential to increase products’ circularity via eco-design while also offering excellent functionality

  • Waste re-integration and conversion into high-value products with zero hazards
    Chemically viable, environmentally friendly, and economically feasible paths of end-of-life recycling and upcycling

  • Process integration and system optimization
    How chemical processes and systems can be innovatively and sustainably connected, integrated, and operated to enable an efficient and cost-effective circular-driven industrial platform

  • Sustainable governance for a circular chemical economy
    The role of policies, regulations, economic measures, and financial instruments in fostering an innovative, responsible, prosperous circular chemical economy

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