Alberto Roldan Martinez, Cardiff University, UK

Alberto Roldan Martinez

In 2010, the Physical-Chemistry Department at the University Rovira i Virgili recognized me with a PhD for my thesis in Computational Chemistry, which was also awarded the Best Thesis in Computational Chemistry in 2011. After that, I joined University College London as the computational lead in EPSRC-funded programs aimed at investigating carbon dioxide reduction catalyzed by iron sulfides and oxide surfaces in collaboration with experimental groups. This research was successful and, as a result, I was granted the Ramsay Memorial Fellowship Trust in 2012 to further develop my skills in the field of materials and catalytic chemistry. In 2015, I was appointed a University Research Fellow (URF) at the School of Chemistry in Cardiff University. My research focused on investigating the surface dynamics and durability of supported nanostructures. Then, in 2019, I became a lecturer and, in 2021, a senior lecturer, expanding my research to materials and catalysts related to energy and environmentally friendly processes. Overall, my research aims to improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of chemical processes by understanding the structure-activity-stability relationship.

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