Nicholas Rorrer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), USA


Dr. Nicholas (Nic) Rorrer (He/Him) is a Senior Researcher in the Renewable Resources and Enabling Sciences Center at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) working on polymer engineering and biomaterials development. Additionally, Nic serves as the Group Leader at NREL for the Polymer Science and Engineering team. Nic received his undergraduate education at Virginia Tech in Chemical Engineering and completed his Masters and PhD at the Colorado School of Mines under the tutelage of John Dorgan. Following his education, Nic pursued a postdoctoral research opportunity at NREL where he received mentorship from Gregg Beckham. Nic’s research interests are primarily in Performance Advantaged Bioproducts, or how we can use the inherent functionality afforded to biomass derived precursors to enable benefits in manufacturing, performance, and end-of-life. This has lead to over 30 peer reviewed publications (>2500 citations), 7 patent application, 5 granted US patents, and 15+ other provisional patents or records of invention related to polymers from bioderived sources.

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