Jun Wu, UT Southwestern, USA

Jun Wu

Dr. Jun Wu is an associate professor in the department of molecular biology at UT southwestern medical center. Dr. Wu’s work has contributed to the development of novel culture systems and methods that enable the generation of new stem cells for basic and translational studies. Dr. Wu has expanded the spectrum of pluripotent states by capturing mouse pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) with distinct molecular and phenotypic features from different developmental stages. And some of these culture conditions developed in mice enabled the generation of PSCs from many other mammalian species, including humans, non-human primates, and ungulates. In addition, Dr. Wu has developed efficient and versatile blastocyst complementation methods for in vivo generation of functional tissues and organs from cultured PSCs, and several stem cell derived embryo models. Dr. Wu has received several awards including UT southwestern endowed scholar, CPRIT scholar and NYSCF-Robertson Stem Cell Investigator award.

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