John van der Oost, Waginengen University, The Netherlands
John van der Oost

John van der Oost is leader of the Bacterial Genetics group in the Laboratory of Microbiology at Wageningen University, since 1995. Initially research mainly focussed on unravelling unique features of central metabolic pathways in archaea, revealing many novel enzymes and their regulation. In 2005 John van der Oost was appointed Professor, in 2013 he was elected as EMBO member, and in 2017 as member of the Royal Dutch Society for Arts and Sciences (KNAW). Using an NWO VICI grant and two NWO TOP grants, he established a successful research line on prokaryotic anti-viral defence systems (CRISPR-Cas and prokaryotic Argonaute). This has provided an excellent basis for development of unprecedented genome editing tools that currently find applications in biotechnology and molecular medicine (gene therapy).

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